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Stokkøya Sjøsenter AS
Troningsveien 7
7178 Stokkøya 


You are welcome to contact us by phone or e-mail
Phone + 47 72 53 43 28 (+47 930 27 618) 

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How to get here

Nearest airport is Trondheim aiport Værnes. Driving from Værnes is approximately 3,5 hours. From Værnes you can choose to go through Trondheim and take the ferry from Flakk to Rørvik -  See timetable here. Or you can drive throug Inderøy(no ferries).

Public transportation from Værnes is by bus to Trondheim Central station, where you need to take another bus to Stokkøy (Bus no 591, from plattform 11) destination Stokkøya Sjøsenter, HOSEN.  Weekdays there are two departures to Stokkøya. Timetables are available here at

Send us an email or call us, and we can help you with more detailed information and plan the best way for you to travel.  



Torild Langklopp

Gründer and Manager

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Jeja Axelsson

Reception Manager

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Roar Svenning

Gründer and Innovator


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Ingrid Langklopp

Board Chairman


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