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Something for everyone

Our new SUB units, each with its own distinct style, offer accommodation with bathroom and private covered porch. At the Sea Centre there are hostel type rooms with shared facilities where you can bring your own bed linen.

If you would like to stay for a while with your family, we would recommend renting one of our new holiday cottages only five to ten minutes walk from the beach and with amazing views of the sea. The cottages are self contained, so you can cook for yourself if you wish.

If you would prefer to live ON the beach – or just next to it – in your own tent this is also possible. If bed linen is not included in your choice of accommodation, it is available to rent, and if you would like breakfast, we are happy to arrange this. All our guests are welcome in The Beach Bar, where you can enjoy good food and drink inside and the nature and views outside.

Subterranean units at Stokkøya  - sleep underground


  • Photo: Dan Ågren

  • courses, conferences and accomodation

  • Details from room 301
    Photo Anniken Zahl Furunes 

  • Room 110, red tiled bath tub
    Foto: Anniken Zahl Furunes

  • Rom 104, loved and hated. The Sailor room, with no room divider but a sail from the sailboat Moonduster, 1981. Photo: Anniken Zahl Furunes

  • The Beach bar with the coastal houses in the hill to the left and SUB cabins right behind the beach bar and the Sea Centre at the back

Our SUB cabins, are located in the Subterranean building. We took our inspiration for the new units from the old earth cellars, but gave them a far more exclusive feel with glass doors opening out toward the sea. The SUB units are situated close to the Beach Bar. One of the main reasons why we chose to dig the building into the sand was to soften the impact on the landscape around it. The building itself is made primarily from concrete and glass, but each unit has been decorated with soft furnishings and canvas and a varied range of interior design elements. Read more under the Accommodation section.

Prices for accomodation and activites, You`ll find here


Self contained cottages

Modern coastal holiday homes in a clean and functional design, carefully integrated into the surrounding landscape. From the cottages there are great views over Hosnasand, the sea and the coastline.

Built with simplicity and minimalism in mind – practical, untraditional and less labour intensive. The main outer material is a resin-rich pine core wood which is naturally weatherproofed, the inside is clad with plywood made from beech.

All the cottages are privately owned, but some of the owners rent them out through us.

To rent one of the holiday cottages, see the Accommodation section.


The Sea-Centre

  • The old Seacentre at sunset (Foto: Rolf M Aagard)

  • Rooms for Conferences, meetings or events (Foto: Eivind Hamren)

  • Common room in the hall outside the private rooms

  • shared kitchen

  • Bright rooms with ocean view (Foto: Eivind Hamren)

  • (Photo: Eivind Hamren)

  • Sleeping loft in three of the rooms (Photo: Eivind Hamren)

Sjøsenteret, or The Sea Centre, is situated behind the subterranean units, but still close to the beach and the rest of the site. Inside there are four rooms with up to eight beds in a simple hostel style. Pillows and duvets are provided, but guests must bring their own bed linen or rent it from reception on arrival. Guests have access to the communal kitchenette, bathroom and lounge area.





For the sumer season, we have designated camping area near the beach or behind the Beach Bar where you can put up a tent if you wish. 

There are bathroom facilities in the Sea Centre and the Beach Bar during opening hours.

There are no designated areas for caravans or camping trailers. 



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